Nature Inspired Floral Design


Where it Ends and then Begins Again

This is nice.  This feels nice.  I'm finally going to just lay here in this feeling and see where it takes me.  It's been a long time since I've listened to that voice in my head. Then I want to ask you if you've done that recently. Really listened to what you might be telling yourself. What you might need.  Well it sure as hell is easier to ignore it.  But then, once you finally let it speak, there's that light at the end, and it all comes gushing out of your freakin soul, and there, that's you. like the real you.  what the freak is this, My So Called Life?  where's the red button when I need it?

Well, welcome to WYLD.  This is where I hope I can reach into your soul and maybe touch a little part of it by reintroducing you to the wilderness. To the simple beauty in nature that can speak volumes.  Maybe make everyone stop for a minute and forget all that everyday nonsense and focus on the peaceful movement of just a simple flower and what it symbolizes for each of us.

Please, for me, and for yourself, and for the beauty that you might pass by every day, try to stop what you're doing to appreciate it. To appreciate yourself and all that you do. Then treat yourself to some flowers.